Name Prof (Mrs.) Adurthi Mrunalini Msc, M.Phil & Ph.D
Date of Birth 14 -9-1958
Designation Dean of Home Science I/C
Department Resource Management and Consumer Science
Place of work PJTSAU, Hyderabad
Area of Specialization Resource Management and Consumer Sciences, Applied ergonomics for women in agriculture, & Women empowerment

Professional Experience

  • Professor and University Head, Department of Resource Management and Consumer Science,(PJTSAU).
  • Unit Coordinator, All India Coordinated Research Project on Home Science, PJTSAU, Hyderabad.
  • Principal Scientist and National Technical Coordinator ( FRM), for AICRP – Home Science.
  • Central Institute of Research for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

Technologies Developed & patented

  • Developed Head Load Manager for reducing drudgery of women in manual material handling and patent was filed.
  • Water Trolley developed for rural women for reducing drudgery in water fetching.
  • Developed Finger guards as protective aid for women while harvesting flowers and vegetables and evaluated.
  • Developed angular scrubbing brush for improving postural convenience while performing cleaning operations at home and cattle sheds.
  • An indigenous fruit harvester for harvesting guavas and mangoes and evaluated
  • A seed cum fertilizer bag for facilitating women in sowing operation.
  • A briquette barbeque for grilling maize for using on hawker’s cart and evaluation is in progress.
  • The ANGRAU paddy row seeder was evaluated for ergonomic fit of women and modified by downsizing its weight and increasing handle length and evaluated .
  • A hand weeder locally called as ullari in Anantpur district was improved to suit to twin benefits of hard soil weeding and raking up soil done by women The technology is called Improved hand weeder ( ullari).
  • The V blade of wheel hoe was modified after evaluation .

Awards received

  • Meritorious Research Scientist Award ( RMCS) of ANGRAU in 2003Choudhary Devilal.
  • Chaudhary Devi Lal Outstanding AICRP ( ICAR) Award for Home Science, 2004 ( Team award ).