Director International Programs

Name Dr. K. Jeevan Rao
Date of Birth 05-12-1958
Designation Director(International programmes), PJTSAU
Place of work PJTSAU, Hyderabad
Area of Specialization Soil and Water Pollution, Soil Chemistry & Fertility, OrganicWaste recycling.
Publications 251


  • B.Sc(Ag) – 1980, PKV, Akola; First with Distinction
  • M.Sc(Ag) – 1982, PKV, Akola; First.
  • Ph.D – 1993, ANGRAU, Hyderabad.
  • PGTEP – 1995, University of Gent, Belgium.
  • PGDEM- 1996, Central University, Hyderabad.


  • Head of the Department ,SS&AC,at R’nagar-2011&2014-till date
  • Head of the Department ,EST(FAC) at R’nagar-2014-till date
  • Head of the Department ,Biochemistry(FAC) at R’nagar-2014-till date
  • Head of the Department,SS&AC-4years at Mahanandi
  • UG Academic In-Charge ,R’nagar College -4 years
  • Chairman, Educational Technology Cell – 5 years
  • Placement Cell In-Charge,R’nagar College -3 years

Awards &Recognitions

  • Raman Prize – 1979;
  • Vidya Prakashan Silver medal – 1980
  • Vasant Rao Naik Memorial prize – 1980;
  • Indian Society of Soil Science, New Delhi, Zonal Award for best Ph.D thesis – 1993;
  • BADC scholarship, Belgium –1995;
  • Academy of Environmental Biology -Best presentation Certificate-1995;
  • PGDEM- 1996, Central University, Hyderabad.
  • ANGRAUniversity Meritorious Teacher Award – 2000.
  • Honorary Fellowship of Society of Environmental Sciences, 2003.
  • Fellow of the Indian Association for Environmental Management, NEERI, Nagpur.
  • Fellow of Academy of Environmental Biology, Lucknow-2005.
  • Shikasha Rattan Puraskar, IIFS, New Delhi.
  • Dr.P.G.Krishna Memorial Gold Medal and Citation for original published research work in soil science-2009 from ANGRAU.
  • State Meritorious Teacher Award-2010.
  • Vice President Indian Society of Soil Science, New Delhi for the years 2011&2012.
  • Green Leaf Award 2011.
  • Andhra Pradesh Scientist Award-2011.
  • Fellow of Andhra Pradesh Akademy of Sciences-2011.
  • LifeTime Achivement Award-2011,
  • Eminent Educationist award-2011.
  • Member, Board of Studies, Annamalai University-2012-2013
  • Member, Board of Studies, Layola Akademy,Hyderabad-2014-2015
  • Fellow of Indian Society of Applied Geochemists,Hyderabad
  • Member,ENVIS Coordination Committee,EPTRI, Hyderabad- 2015
  • Member,Executive Council of Telangana State Akademy of Sciences-2015-2017
  • President ,Hyderabad Chapter of Indian Society of soil Science -2015-2017

Teaching Contributions

In 31.6 years of total active service (excluding PhD study period 3 years) more than 21 years were continuously engaged in teaching of UG & PG courses besides doing research projects. Regularly updated knowledge in the subject.

Efforts were made to give career orientation of syllabus and additional (local) curricular inputs (project work/ hands on experience to students). Innovative teaching methods/ aides developed.Academic planning for the year and preparation for classroom teaching. Command over language.

Clarity of expression and modulation of voice. Ability to make students understand concepts, principles, application etc. Efforts to inspire students into serious and participatory learning. Use of appropriate teaching methods and modern ICT aides like computers, Internet and LCD. Ability to motivate students’ self learning using ICT.

Promptness in monitoring of students’ academic progress by promptly conducting tests, valuation of scripts and discussing with students. Efforts in guiding academically backward students as well as advanced students. Interest in conducting co-curricular activities like seminars/debates / quiz etc., that train students in general skills. Contribution to organization of extra curricular activities like Games, NSS, Clean& Green etc., Interest shown/ support extended in student welfare, career and general counseling etc.,.

Efforts to secure community help in the college development. Assistance to college administration in admissions, discipline, examination, college development etc., Punctuality, Honesty, Integrity, Conduct and Character.

Research Contributions

Investigations have contributed towards understanding the nature and extent of soil and water pollution hazards due to Urban Solid Wastes, Industrial Effluents and Sewage waters under field conditions and their safe disposal.

His work has had far-reaching applications in such diverse areas of solid waste management, soil and water pollution, and heavy metals in food chain etc. The studies revealed that management of urban wastes and agricultural wastes through composting technology is an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to transform high volume heterogeneous by products into a product having economic value.

Compost enrichment with beneficial microorganisms and mineral additives such as rock phosphate and other additives helped in improving the agronomic value of the compost His studies will be useful in developing soil quality policies and understanding linkages among soil, waste, water pollution and environmental protection.

His research papers were widely cited around the world. He went on to develop a laboratory in the university for the first time for the study of soil and water pollution and organic waste recycling in agriculture by incorporating the interdisciplinary style.

He was involved in successful organization of 93rd Indian Science Congress from 3-7th January, 2006 at ANGRAU, Hyderabad, as a ISCA Council Member, which is appreciated by one and all. He is very much concerned with Natural Resource Protection, Management and Education.