Joint Diagnostic Field Visit in BLB infested Rice fields on 09.09.2021 by KVK, Rudrur

Health profiling of Students of College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar on 13-09-2021

The health profiling of Students of the University has been taken up as a unique programme and one of its kind in the Telangana State in 2019. The second such programme is inaugurated today on 13/9/2021at 10.30 am in the Health Centre by the respected Dean of Student Affairs,PJTSAU,the Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, Rnagar. Dr.K. Pavan Chandra Reddy, Incharge Medical Officer, and the Health Centre team has participated in the event and a spectrum of parameters was tested to evaluate the general health condition of the students. The objective of the programme is to raise awareness of the students on health matters and sensitise them early on to focus upon their physical and mental health for their successful future