Student evaluation and examinations

During the semester, teacher in charge of a course shall hold a number of different kinds of tests and also assign to the students laboratory, library or field work. The students may also have to participate in seminars and submit term paper or similar exercises. Taking into consideration, the performance of the students in all the different kinds of tests and other exercises, the teacher shall allot a grade at the end of the semester. The test may consist of one hour examinations and final examinations. Each test, term paper and examination, laboratory and other assignments, seminars, etc. will carry weightage. The marks to be allotted between the theory and practical work shall be in the proportion of their respective credit hours.

The semester final exams are conducted by obtaining question papers from other Universities. Comprehensive written & oral examinations also are being conducted by obtaining external question paper and after the exam the papers are evaluated by the same paper setter and finally the viva-voce is being conducted by the same paper setter.

Quality in student research is being ensured through a system of advisory committee who regularly monitors the student research who inturn are monitored by the concerned HOD’s , Associate Dean’s of respective colleges and Dean of PG Studies,PJTSAU.

The evaluation of research credits shall be done before the last working day of the semester by the student advisory committee (P.G Form 11). It is mandatory to evaluate the students research work each month by the Chairperson of the Advisory Committee and the Head of the Department to monitor the progress. The progress shall be recorded in the register maintained by the HOD and in the monthly performance sheet. The monthly performance sheets will have to be attached along with PG 11 form duly signed by HoD and Advisory committee members. If the Advisory Committee is not satisfied by the research work carried out by the student in tune with the credits registered he / she shall re-register the number of credits as advised by the Advisory Committee. While submitting the PG form 11 copies of monthly evaluation reports of PG Research shall be enclosed

The PG programmes offered in the three faculties are as below:

  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Home Science
  • Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology


M.Sc in Agriculture is a course with specialization in 13 sub-disciplines....


Home Science

M.Sc in Home Science is a course with specialization in 5 sub-disciplines....


Agricultural Engineering and Technology

M.Tech in Agricultural Engineering is a course with specialization in 3 sub-disciplines....

The masters programmes in any above given faculty/disciplines require a credit load of twenty (20 ) credits in major subjects and nine (9) credits in minor subjects and five (5) credits in supporting subjects besides one (1) credit seminar, two (2) credits for comprehensive written & oral Examination which is mandatory at PJTSAU. In addition at masters level the student need to register twenty (20) credits for research where he/she is entrusted to investigate latest basic/applied agriculture related research topics and submit the research in the form of a thesis.