Stocking of Fish Seed at KVK Farm Ponds, Bellampalli

Stocking of Fish Seed at KVK Farm Ponds, Bellampalli

Fish is one of the healthy foods with good amount of nutrients like Proteins, Vitamin D, minerals and rich in omega 3 fatty acids. KVK, Bellampalli is the only KVK with more number of water harvesting farm ponds which are highly suitable for upland aquaculture in northern Telangana. As a part of Integrated Farming System (IFS) approach, KVK Bellampalli, Mancherial district have identified six (6) Aquaculture ponds with water spread in an area of 1.4 ha (including all ponds) which are rain water harvesting structures with appropriate depth, with good water holding capacity. The water can retain for an about 6 months which is suitable to grow and harvest a single crop. Keeping this in view for doubling the farmers income, planned for aquaculture as an income generating activity model as DEMO units to train the farmers and other stakeholders in Mancherial, Asifabad and other districts.

This activity helps to sustain farmer’s income and improve their socio-economic standard of living. KVK Bellampalli farm ponds are fully filled with recent heavy rains and which were stocked with 8000 Advanced Fingerling and fish fry with a size around 1.0 cm to 5cm on 27.08.2019 by Dr M.Rajeshwar Naik, Programme Coordinator and all other scientists.

The following are the types of fishes were stocked in the ponds as detailed below.

1. Jayanti rohu - 60%,
2. Catla – 20%,
3. Grass carp -5%
4. Common carp – 15%

All the farm ponds are chlorinated with bleaching powder to prevent growth of harmful bacteria and other parasites. Pond Fertilization (Composition: Cow dung manures – 1000kg, DAP – 30kg, SSP – 20kg, Murate of potash – 10kg and Zinc sulphate - 10kg/acre respectively) was carried out mainly to develop plankton (natural food) in aquaculture pond before stocking of fish.